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2010-01-28, 18:07
Johnny Wadds avatar
En bit bort, 7/3, men varför inte börja.
Bara en annonserad match hittills och det är returmötet mellan polacken Mamed Khalidov [24-3-1] och brassen Jorge Santiago [21-8], denna gång för Santiagos MW titel.

Dessa herrar möttes i en non titel match 11/7 på Sengoku 11 där Khalidov vann på tko i första ronden.
Den matchen kan ni se här:

Mamed är grymt stor i sitt hemland Polen, har inte förlorat på sina 18 senaste matcher och har även besegrat en svensk i sin karriär, Tor Troeng ( http://nyheter24.se/bloggar/kampspor...ar/tor-troeng/ )

Nedan följer en intervju med Mamed Khalidov från polska KSW

MMA fans will soon witness another spectacular Mamed Khalidov’s fight in the Land of the Rising Sun. KSW Team fighter has recently visited Warsaw in order to undergo medical tests to do a photo shoot. Although he had a busy schedule, he found a moment for a short interview:

You are going to fight for the second time in Japan on March 7th. At first there were some talks that you will square off against Canadian Joe Doerksen. However, now you are set to rematch Jorge Santiago for the Sengoku Middleweight Title. Could you tell us a little bit how it happened?

- We were offered Doerksen bout first and I agreed to it. Then it turned out they’d rather see me fight against Santiago. I guess at the beginning Sengoku matchmakers wanted to go in different directions, because I was offered a few other opponents earlier. Finally they decided to book a rematch against Jorge. Obviously I was very eager to fight him... this time for the belt.

We all saw what happened when you first met in the ring. How will this bout unfold this time?

- Last time I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me, we just saw tapes. This time it might not be the same. He may be more cautious or I may behave differently. You cannot tell. I have a feeling that it won’t be as fast as in November. He already knows what to expect.

I really want this to end quickly with my hand raised by the referee. I’ve already started my preparations, whereas before our first fight I had only three weeks to get ready. I want to be fully prepared to win this title.

You mentioned short preparations before the first bout. Ramadan, meals only after dusk and limited training obviously didn’t help. This time will you be more comfortable coming to this rematch?

-Sure! Without a doubt I’ll better prepared than the last time. Most importantly I’ll be mentally ready knowing that I’m 100%. In October I was after Ramadan, I was out of shape with only three weeks to train. It all happened so fast, weight cutting, short time to prepare. I was wondering myself if I would be able to win. This time it’s much better.

Ok. So how will your training camp look like?

- The trainings will be certainly more precise. Everything else is in God’s hands. I hope he’ll give me this strength, this power... this thing which he always gives me!

You underwent conditioning tests in KSW lab a few days ago. How was it? Are you satisfied with your results.

- That’s right I underwent tests supervised by Michal Garnys. The results were much better than before the first fight against Santiago. I had a short break from trainings in the last two weeks, but it’s not like I wasn’t doing anything. You could see that in the test’s results.

Let’s get back to Santiago. You beat him on the ground, where he is most dangerous. Do you think that this time he may want to avoid going to ground and be willing to strike with you.

- I have no idea. Before the last bout he was saying in the interviews that he wants to stand with me and I was ready for it. It turned out that he doesn’t want to trade punches with me and decided to take me down. He made mistake and I capitalized on it. It’s doesn’t mean that the second fight will be alike, I think it might be much tougher, honestly. I just hope it will be a great show and the fans will like it.

Many fans are curious if there is clause in your contract that once you win the title, you have to sign to defend it at least once?

- First I’ll get the title, then we’ll talk about it.

To finish the interview I’d like you to ask you where will be the Sengoku Middleweight belt after March 7th? Will it stay in Brazil or come to Poland?

- Only God knows it. He trains hard and I train hard, but we both can’t predict the outcome of the fight. I think we will both do whatever it takes to be victorious.

Mamed, thanks for the interview and good luck

- Thank you and greetings to all my fans.

Fyll på med rykten, bekräftelser, analyser och tips!
2010-02-03, 17:09
mmas avatar

World Victory Road officials today announced three bouts for their next event, Sengoku Raiden Championships 12, and notable competitors include middleweight title-holder Jorge Santiago and former EliteXC bantamweight champion Wilson Reis.


WVR's Sengoku Raiden Championships 12
Date: Mar 07, 2010
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Venue: Ryogoku Kokugikan
Broadcast: HDNet (North America)

* Champ Jorge Santiago vs. Mamed Khalidov (for Sengoku middleweight title)Yuji Hoshino vs. Wi
* Yuji Hoshino vs. Wilson Reis
* Kyung Ho Kang vs. Shigeki Osawa
* Maximo Blanco vs. TBA*

Intressant rematch som sagt, ovanligt avslut på det första mötet, sällan man ser tko från ryggen.
2010-02-03, 19:09
Hamburg1.0s avatar
Khalidov kommer vinna igen. påminner lite om mousasi faktiskt om än lite sämre. men det kommer bli en bra fight dock.
2010-02-10, 18:54
mmas avatar

World Victory Road today officially announced three bouts for its upcoming Sengoku Raiden Championships 12 event.

Confirmed matchups include welterweights Akihiro Gono vs. Diego Gonzalez, heavyweights Yoshihiro Nakao vs. Henry "Sentoryu" Miller, and lightweight Leonardo Santos vs. Kiuma Kunioku.

Gono now faces Gonzalez (13-3 MMA, 0-0 SRC), an M-1 Challenge veteran who makes his promotional debut with an eight-fight win streak. In fact, the Swedish fighter is 12-1 since 2005 and the lone loss came to now-top UFC contender Hardy.

Nu minsade inte intresset! Svenskt "på banan"!
2010-02-10, 23:23
Johnny Wadds avatar
Här blir det ingen mjukstart direkt.
Gono imponerade kanske mest av alla på Dynamite...
Kul hur som, kanske en svensk till eller två upptäcker sengoku.

Kort, så långt:

Jorge Santiago vs. Mamed Khalidov (titelmatch)
Yuji Hoshino vs. Wilson Reis
Kyung Ho Kang vs. Shigeki Osawa
Kiuma Kunioku vs. Leonardo Santos
Akihiro Gono vs. Diego Gonzalez
Henry "Sentoryu" Miller vs. Yoshihiro "Kiss" Nakao

Maximo Blanco

Sentoryu vs Kiss måste man ju bygga upp lite.
I den ena ringhörnan har vi en 40årig amerikansk sumobrottare vars förlustkonto inom mma har fyllts på av storheter såsom Mostapha Al-turk, James Thompson, Giant Silva och Zuluzinho, ja jävlar

Kiss Nakao däremot har slagit en OS guldmedaljör i judo (vad nu det säger) Don Frye, "Big" Jim York mfl men är överlägset mest känd för sin medverkan på Dynamite!! 2005 där han mötte Heath Herring
Ursprungligen postat av wiki
Nakao was involved in a memorable MMA moment on December 31, 2005 during K-1's Dynamite 2005 show.
During the pre-fight staredown with opponent Heath Herring, Nakao leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Herring reacted, delivering a right hook to the jaw of Nakao, knocking him out cold. Herring was immediately disqualified and Nakao was carried from the ring. Shortly thereafter, Nakao's cornermen attacked Herring and a brief melee ensued.
The fight result has since been changed by K-1 from a disqualification loss for Herring to a no contest, as K-1 judges ruled that Nakao's kiss and Herring's subsequent knockout punch were both fouls.

Senast redigerad av Johnny Wadd 2010-02-10 kl. 23:41.
2010-03-03, 22:09
mmas avatar
I helgen smäller det! Fantastiskt kul med en svensk i ringen.


North American fans can watch the show on HDNet via five-day delay (March 12 at 8 p.m. ET).

SUUUUG!! Då får man kämpa sig igenom nån jävla japps-release då där man inte förstår ett skvatt.

The full eight-bout lineup for Sengoku Raiden Championships 12 includes:

* Champ Jorge Santiago vs. Mamed Khalidov (for Sengoku middleweight title)
* Akihiro Gono vs. Diego Gonzalez
* Maximo Blanco vs. Chang Hyun Kim
* Tomonari Kanomata vs. Marlon Sandro
* Henry "Sentoryu" Miller vs. Yoshihiro Nakao
* Nick Denis vs. Yuji Hoshino
* Kiuma Kunioku vs. Leonardo Santos
* Kyung Ho Kang vs. Shigeki Osawa

Jag hittar det inte, men jag har för mig jag läst att Gono vs Diego ska vara en titelfight? Har jag drömt?
2010-03-04, 02:29
Res-Qs avatar
Gonzales vs. Gono kommer bli sååå jävla tungt!
2010-03-04, 07:37
No_fears avatar
Bara en liten noob fråga: Hur uttalar man Sengoku egentligen??
2010-03-04, 12:18
mmas avatar
Ursprungligen postat av No_fear
Bara en liten noob fråga: Hur uttalar man Sengoku egentligen??

Jag har faktiskt inte en aning, men själv säger jag "säng-goku"... sen om jag pratar strunt må vara =)
2010-03-04, 16:51
Johnny Wadds avatar
Ursprungligen postat av No_fear
Bara en liten noob fråga: Hur uttalar man Sengoku egentligen??

När kollar japps-sändningar så låter det som det stavas typ... Sen-go-ku (eventuellt sen-go-ky).
Michael Schiavello som kommenterar på HDNET fights, säger det också så + roliga saker som "THE BIG KABUSCH, THE BIG KABUSCH" & "IT'S GOODNIGHT IREENÉ"
2010-03-04, 16:57
Johnny Wadds avatar
Co-main event för svensken.... don't fuck this up now!!

Ursprungligen postat av NoB bloggen
The fight order for Sundays SRC12 event has been announced. The main event will be the title fight between Jorge Santiago and Mamed Khalidov and the semi main event will be Akihiro Gono vs. Diego Gonzalez.

Big pushes for Maxi and Osawa should be expected this year if they keep winning.

Date: March 7th, 2010
Place: Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan

SRC Middleweight Title Fight (5×5 mins):
8. Jorge Santiago vs. Mamed Khalidov

Single Fights (3×5 mins):
7. WW: Akihiro Gono vs. Diego Gonzalez
6. LW: Maxi vs. Armbar Kim
5. FW: Marlon Sandro vs. Tomonari Kanomata
4. HW: Yoshihiro “KISS” Nakao vs. Sentoryu
3. FW: Yuji Hoshino vs. Nick Denis
2. LW: Kiuma Kunioku vs. Leonardo Santos
1. FW: Shigeki Osawa vs. Kyung Ho Kang
2010-03-05, 15:37
Galacticos avatar
Är det söndagmorgon som gäller om man vill ladda ner galan? Antar att den visas natten mellan lördag och söndag?
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