2014-02-24, 01:35
Intervju med Assange om att hamna på "Manhunting"-lista. Assange låter lite tröttare än normalt.


And here we have an example where the type of espionage being engaged in is spying on a publisher—WikiLeaks, the publishing organization, and a publisher—me, personally. And the other material that came out in relation to GCHQ was from 2012, and that shows that GCHQ was spying on our service and our readers, so not just the publisher as an organization, not just the publisher as a person, but also the readers of a publisher. And that’s clearly, I believe, not something that the United States population agrees with, let alone other people.

Michael Ratner intevjuas från 22.45.

Well, what I was really shocked by was the extent the U.S. and U.K. have gone through to try and get and destroy WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and their network of supporters. I mean, it’s astounding. And it’s been going on for years. And it also, as Julian pointed out, tells us why he is in the Ecuadorean embassy and why Ecuador has given him asylum. He has every reason to heavily fear what would happen to him in this country, in the United States, if he were to be ever taken here. So I think, for me, that’s a very, very critical point, justifies every reason why Ecuador gave him asylum.

But to have Julian on that list as a manhunt timeline, and it says prosecute him wherever you can get him, is pretty extraordinary. It doesn’t say you necessarily need a good reason to prosecute him; it just says, basically, prosecute him.

Jessely Radack, ombud för Snowden intervjuas också.


They said, "Who is Edward Snowden?" And I just said matter-of-factly, "He is a whistleblower and an asylee." They next asked, "Who is Bradley Manning?" And I said, "A whistleblower. And then they asked, "Where is Bradley Manning?" And I said, "In jail." And he said, "So, he’s a criminal." And I said that he’s a political prisoner. And then they said, "But you represent Snowden." And I said, "Yes, I’m a human rights attorney, and I’m one of his legal advisers."

Ratner igen.


But according to NSA spying rules, they can actually take in attorney-client conversations with our clients overseas, as long as those clients haven’t been indicted. That’s just wide open. That’s ridiculous. I mean, as an attorney, I have a right of legal confidentiality with my clients, indicted or not.

What happened to Julian Assange’s right to counsel? What happened to it? It’s basically been destroyed by the NSA.

They shouldn’t be doing it. They shouldn’t be surveilling Americans’ phone calls. They should get probable cause. And that’s the only way, in my view, that you can actually do surveillance.

Jesselyn Radack:

I have a disclaimer that my organization, the Government Accountability Project, you know, came up with, a disclaimer on every email that this communication may be monitored and collected without consent, in secret, by the NSA. I mean, I think everybody should have that kind of statement after their email, because I think it would raise public awareness about how insidious and widespread this problem is.

De nämner inte ens sexbrottsanklagelserna.