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Två artiklar idag om frågor med beröring till vårt fall. Malmström och USAs justitieminister Eric Holder presenterar sitt IT-samarbete, som bara ska gälla pedofili. Antagligen är väl pedofili det man kan visa upp för allmänheten, resten av paketet är känsligare och handlar väl om att bekämpa WL och Anonymous....

Ja samarbetet är betydligt bredare. Resten av paketet visar man inte upp lika gärna.

Samarbetet mellan Cecila Malmström, Janet Napolitano och Eric Holden går tillbaka till åtminstone 20 November 2010 då USA och EU bildade en US-EU Working Group on Cybersecurity.

“We agreed to work together to tackle new threats to the global networks upon which the security and prosperity of our free societies increasingly depend. Recognising this, as well as the growing challenge of cyber-security and cyber-crime, we established an EU-U.S.Working Group on Cyber-security and Cyber-crime, which will address a number of specific priority areas and will report progress within a year.”

Det var kanske härifrån iden kom att efterlysa Assange via Interpol Red Alert?Och inte bara via EAW. Interpol-efterlysningen skedde ca en vecka efter det att den nya Cybergruppen bildats. Och efter en del mygel inom Interpol.

År 2011, 14 april träffades man igen:
"Today, as part of the EU-US Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial in Gödöllo (Hungary), Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice President for the Digital Agenda, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström and Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano reiterated their shared commitment to deepening cooperation to address the increasing threats to global internet and digital networks. They agreed to strengthen trans-Atlantic cooperation in cyber-security by defining the issues to be tackled by the EU-US Working Group on Cyber-Security and Cyber-Crime…. Within the European Commission, Vice-President Kroes is responsible for cyber-security and Commissioner Malmström for tackling cyber-crime."

I våras var Cecila i Washington:
Cecilia Malmström håller tal i Washington 2 maj 2012:
“The U.S. and the EU are primary targets for different kinds of cyber threats. And our governments, businesses and citizens are under siege from increasingly sophisticated attacks. These attacks can come from many different sources - from other states to organised crimes and hackers.. To overcome this growing global threat, EU-U.S. cooperation is not a choice, but a necessity. The establishment of an EU-U.S. Working Group on Cyber-security and Cybercrime in November 2010 was our first step to identify strategic goals and concrete actions.
I am leading our work on Cybercrime together with the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. The Attorney General Eric Holder has also played an important role.
Overall, we have had some early successes, such as the first Cyber Atlantic 2011 exercise, which kicked off a groundbreaking programme of joint cyber attack exercises that will culminate in a fully fledged EU-U.S. cyber exercise in 2014.

Hmmm. Vad hände när man gjorde sin första Cyber Atlantic exercise 2011?
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