2012-03-14, 19:36
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Personerna i sig är inte det intressanta, däremot är rättsväsendets hantering av problematiken värt att fundera över.

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Theron, tycker jag har rätt. Hur systemet fungerar, det viktigast?

Sorry for the enigmatic and perhaps misleading sentence I posted before. I have just started and argument in favour of Theron’s position (above), that paramount to individual cases, a relevant issue is to consider the management of such cases done by the legal system. However in my (involuntary) short sentence it reads equivocally --as if I was opposing her argument. That is not the case. I hope to find the time later to develop. This is just a rectification.

This time it was not only my “technical shortages". What happened is that I was in the middle of a flight to Stockholm and the captain is heard saying in the speakers - I could hardly believe it - “Norwegian announces it is the first Air company in Europe that makes possible for passengers to be on-line “in-flight”. I rushed to my computer and after working a while with material for my Epidemiology lecture at Stockholm University I switched over FB, started my comment and then suddenly ““Norwegian announces bla bla, and they paff! just switched off . . .

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