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2019-01-13, 15:59
Dagens författare var en gammal engelsk gentleman som nyligen avled vid mer än 90 års ålder, en av landets största kriminologer men han skrev också litterära biografier, böcker om spöken och böcker om sin hemstad Liverpool:
Assembled now are all the essential ingredients of Greek tragedy come to Kentish Town. Hellenic horror in Hampstead. The backstreet Venus of Camden Town has resolved to snap her fly-trap.
Thursday, 23 October 1890.
‘D’ for ‘Do It Day’.
The plan goes into operation. Mary Eleanor scribbles one of those secret little notes …
Come around this afternoon and bring out little darling.
Don’t fail.’
Phoebe did fail. She could not make it. Mary Eleanor was standing, spider awaiting fly, at the door of her ugly yellow brick house, when, by long flexure of the arm of startling coincidence, her ex-lover Pearcey passed. Why, he asked her, were all the blinds drawn. Her fourteen-year-old brother had died, she said, and the funeral was to be on Tuesday. It was not true. Pearcey offered his condolences and, for the second and last time, passed out of her life.
No Phoebe. Teatime came and went.
Operation aborted.
2019-01-13, 22:02
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Ursprungligen postat av Venator
Tack! Även en blind höna... jag hade lika gärna med lätthet kunnat hamna minst 50 år fel.
Underbart att man kan ta del av detta i https://litteraturbanken.se/bibliotek